“Why Didn’t I Think of That ?!?!” Techniques!

Instructor: Elaine Futrell

Sponsor: My Craft Project, LLC


Class:  Learn 4 “Why Didn’t I Think of That ?!?!” Techniques!


In this course, we will teach you innovative techniques and creative strategies to enhance your paper crafts. You will learn how to create stunning backgrounds, adding depth and interest to your cards and scrapbook pages. We will teach you a specific technique to add a pop of shine and glimmer to your work, without the need for any expensive machines. This simple, but effective, method can truly bring your craft to life, adding an element of sparkle that will catch everyone's eye. 


Moreover, we will show you how to save time, money, and effort by turning your die cuts into stickers. This efficient method allows you to maximize your resources, without sacrificing the quality of your work. Plus, we will also guide you on how to make a matching die cut foam pop-up, which would add a 3-D effect to your craft, making it more engaging and visually appealing.


Our strategies also include innovative ways to repurpose materials, allowing you to make the most out of your existing resources. By reusing and repurposing, you not only save money, but you also contribute to eco-friendly practices.


With these techniques, you will not just create beautiful paper crafts, but also designs that stand out. So, join us to enhance your creativity and take your crafting skills to a new level.


Your kit will include all the supplies needed to complete our projects using all the techniques AND a FREE Rad Roller Kit (a $14.99 value) AND a $3.00 off coupon you can use in our booth! 


Class Fee is $40.00 and will last approximately 1.5 hours


Skill Level – Everyone from beginner to advanced.


Supplies students need to bring:

6-8” scissors

2-3 scissors

¼” or ½” double sided tape

Mini paper cutter if you have one.

Xacto knife


NO REFUNDS – kit may be picked up.


Class time will be on Friday April 5 at 2:30 PM

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